Child Proof Pill Box with Lock

Child Proof Pill Box with Lock

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Although no pill organizer is truly child proof, there are models that employ various locking mechanisms designed to make it difficult for a child to operate, thereby making it supposedly child proof.


None of our pill organizers are truly child proof. You should never rely on the child proof nature of the device to keep the child safe. 


Tips on using child prof pill organizers:

  1. Treat all pill organizers as if it were not child proof. Keep it away from children at all times.
  2. Never allow a child to watch you use the unlocking feature. They are smart and observant and will see you pushing a button or lever. Once they know how to open it, the item is no longer child proof.
  3. Never let them play with empty child proof pill organizers.
  4. Teach them that the pill organizer itself is a serious "no-no" and is for adults only.